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There are currently 51 listings that match your search criteria.
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TitleAcresCountyStateTotal PriceType

Brannen Pond Tract
thumb_216_bpond sold.jpg101.1+/-Bulloch CountyGeorgia$353,850.00For Sale - Land
Horse Creek Tract
thumb_215_screven 253 sold.jpg253.6 +/-Screven CountyGeorgia$ 460,000.00For Sale - Land
Screven 65 Tract
thumb_214_sold.jpg65.5+/-ScrevenGeorgia$153,925.00For Sale - Land
Tattnall 517 Tract
thumb_213_tatt517 sold.jpg517.2+/-Tattnall CountyGeorgia$963,233.00For Sale - Land
Evans 74 Tract
thumb_212_sold.jpg73.7 +/-Evans CountyGeorgia$138,114.00For Sale - Land
Lake Deborah Tract
thumb_211_lake deb sold.jpg5.58+/- AcresBullochGeorgia$39,250.00For Sale - Land
Burke 73 Tract
thumb_210_burke 73 map.jpg73.0+/-Burke CountyGeorgia$160,622.00For Sale - Land
Bird Lane 3 Acre Tract
thumb_209_pic home bird 3.jpg3.0+/-Bulloch CountyGeorgia$210,000.00For Sale - Land
Screven 166
thumb_208_sold.jpg165.6+/-Screven CountyGeorgia$360,000.00For Sale - Land
Effingham 61 Tract
thumb_207_sold.jpg61.14Effingham CountyGeorgia$152,544.00For Sale - Land
Evans North 74 Tract
thumb_204_sold.jpg73.7+/-Evans CountyGeorgia$151,200.00For Sale - Land
Tattnall South 463 Tract
thumb_203_sold.jpg462.5+/-Tattnall & Evans CountiesGeorgia$898,000.00For Sale - Land
Glascock 194 Tract
thumb_201_sold.jpg194.4+/-Glascock CountyGeorgia$325,620.00For Sale - Land
Washington 494 Tract D
thumb_200_sold.jpg494.3+/-Washington CountyGeorgia$1,382,773.00For Sale - Land
Washington 337 Tract B
thumb_199_sold-wash337b foodplot.jpg337.7+/-Washington CountyGeorgia$709,828.00For Sale - Land
Washington 270 Tract A
thumb_198_sold-198_wash270a pond.jpg270.63+/-Washington CountyGeorgia$485,099.00For Sale - Land
Treutlen 351 Tract
thumb_197_sold.jpg351.6+/-Treutlen & MontgomeryGeorgia$557,120.00For Sale - Land
Big Oak Tract
thumb_196_sold-196_big oak pp photo.jpg718.62+/-EmanuelGeorgia$1,437,240.00For Sale - Land
McIntosh 71
thumb_180_sold.jpg71.3 +/-McIntosh CountyGeorgia$129,900.00For Sale - Land
Bulloch 18 Tract
thumb_179_sold.jpg17.7+/-BullochGeorgia$33,000.00For Sale - Land
Jenkins 65 Tract
thumb_178_sold.jpg64.5+/-Jenkins CountyGeorgia$92,000.00For Sale - Land
Laurens 79 Tract
thumb_177_sold.jpg78.79 +/-Laurens CountyGeorgia$130,000.00For Sale - Land
Long 2050 Tract
thumb_176_sold-176_tcf 1.jpg2,050.2 +/-LongGeorgia$2,480,742.00For Sale - Land
Candler 111 Tract
thumb_175_sold.jpg111.2+/-CandlerGeorgia$221,844.00For Sale - Land
Belvedere Lot 158
thumb_172_sold.jpgLot 158McIntoshGeorgia$32,900.00For Sale - Land
RJK 38
thumb_171_sold-171_img_0358.jpg38.84+/-BullochGeorgia$99,000.00For Sale - Land
Belvedere Lot 188
thumb_169_sold-169_187 rd. entrance.jpgLot 188McIntoshGeorgia$24,900.00For Sale - Land
Nevils Tract
thumb_168_sold.jpg19.68BullochGeorgia$110,208.00For Sale - Land
Laurens 385 Tract
thumb_167_sold-385_laurens1.jpg385.12LaurensGeorgia$691,290.00For Sale - Land
Burke 2220 Tract
thumb_163_sold.jpg137.81BurkeGeorgia$303,182.00For Sale - Land
Wilkinson 8104 Tract
thumb_162_sold.jpg559.34WilkinsonGeorgia$811,043.00For Sale - Land
Wilkinson 8101 Tract
thumb_161_sold.jpg261.47WilkinsonGeorgia$424,889.00For Sale - Land
Antioch Tract
thumb_154_sold.jpg292.6ScrevenGeorgia$504,735.00For Sale - Land
Stewart 774 Tract
thumb_153_sold-stewart.jpg774.0StewartGeorgia$890,100.00For Sale - Land
Statesboro Pond Tract
thumb_151_sold-bigpond.jpg45.3BullochGeorgia$399,000.00For Sale - Land
Brooklet-Leefield Road
thumb_150_sold-150.jpg35 - 40 AcresBullochGeorgia$216,000.00For Sale - Land
Laurens 73 Tract
thumb_136_sold-laurens73.jpg73.08LaurensGeorgia$149,814.00For Sale - Land
Laurens 400 Tract
thumb_135_sold-laurens400.jpg407.5Laurens Georgia$662,188.00For Sale - Land
North Main Street, Statesboro GA
thumb_134_sold-mainstreet.jpg.415BullochGeorgia$65,000.00For Sale - Land
Brooklet-Leefield Tract
thumb_131_sold-brooklet.jpg34.75BullochGeorgia$135,525.00For Sale - Land
Parker Road
thumb_130_sold-parker-rd.jpg37.9ScrevenGeorgia$73,905.00For Sale - Land
KMI Tract
thumb_128_sold.jpg610BullochGeorgia$998,750.00For Sale - Land
Herman Rushing Road
thumb_127_sold-hermanrushing.jpg39.82BullochGeorgia$219,010.00For Sale - Land
Shaw Road
thumb_126_sold-shawrd.jpg35.2BullochGeorgia$193,600.00For Sale - Land
Robins Creek Tract
thumb_123_sold_robins creek1.jpg374 +/-EmanuelGeorgia$783,530.00For Sale - Land
Rough Rider Tract
thumb_122_sold-rough-rider.jpg10BullochGeorgia$49,000.00For Sale - Land
Rose Garden Tract
thumb_104_sold-rose-garden.jpg363.85EmanuelGeorgia$540,317.00For Sale - Land
thumb_58_sold-emmalane.jpg221.5JenkinsGeorgia$587,002.00For Sale - Land
Mud Road
thumb_35_sold-mudroad.jpg19.8BullochGeorgia$77,000.00For Sale - Land
Rocky Ford Tract
thumb_32_sold-rockyford.jpg515ScrevenGeorgia$900,000.00For Sale - Land
Candler Home
thumb_30_sold-candlerhome.jpg545CandlerGeorgia$1,550,000.00For Sale - Land


There are currently 51 listings that match your search criteria.
Click on an image for more detail.
This is page 1 of 1


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